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Experienced consultant plays a critical role in ever-changing environment. Here at MSM Consulting, we offer end-to-end services to assist our clients with taxes allowing them to focus on what really matter, their business. We continue to digitize our process and offer a delightful consulting experience.

Tax Compliance

We will assist in preparing accurate and timely Monthly Tax Return. Being right before annual filing is vital. Our part is integral to make sure of your full compliance with current regulation and procedure.

Expatriat &
Individual Taxation

We will help you to prepare Individual Tax Returns and perform rigourous analysis before submission to the Tax Office. Locals or expatriats, whoever you are, we will calculate your taxes thoroughly.

Tax Compliance

Calculate taxes with precision, timely prepare and file Annual Tax Return. Our job does not end here as we will also review your account to identify potential tax exposures and provide useful advice accordingly.


Let us do your administrative job for application of Incentive, New and Branch Tax ID, VAT Enterprise, Profile Change, Tax Exempt, VAT Centralization, and many more!

Risks of failure to comply has never been zero. Our specialists are insightful on upcoming tax law and regulation, allowing us to anticipate changes beforehand. Our nurtured relationship with tax official and deep tax regulation comprehension are two success factors in solving taxation cases.


Disagreement between tax auditor and taxpayer often happen. Thus, it is essential to have your argument backed by relevant documents. We will aid you in audit presentation, talks, and discussion to resolve your case efficiently.


We will assist you in the tax court and help in preparing a letter of appeal along with supporting documentation and evidence to be presented at trial.


When you disagree with the assesment result from the tax audit, we can assist you to prepare an objection letter and provide supporting documentation to the tax authority.


Our team possesses analytical skills to calculate overpayment and maximize use of tax restitution for your savings. Before restitution request, we will ensure your compliance so the result can be optimal.

We design integrated solution for our clients to maximize their value from making strategic decisions. Our services are not limited to tax planning, but also cover more specific transaction-related advisories.


We work with our clients closely to implement hands-on approach for their strategic planning. Our advice is uniquely tied with their strategic long-term goal without hindering their core business.

Transfer Pricing

We can assist you in making transfer pricing documentation in which Indonesian tax authority requires to ensure your transactions are in compliance with current tax regulations and transfer pricing guidelines.


Every transaction present opportunities and challenges. From due diligence, valuation, to restructuring, our team is committed to add value in every aspect, especially taxes. With numerous encounters on transaction cases, our specialists are qualified to assist you reaching transaction goal.

All Tax Review

Tax review is a way to measure tax payers compliance. We have the experience in conducting review on company's books and records. We will help you detect potential error and reduce potential fines.

Do you believe your accounting is in line? Let us help! Timely and accurate financial information is crucial for a company to maintain a competitive edge in today’s dynamic business environment. We provide accounting services based on your needs and circumstances. Our services range from review to audit & assurance.

Financial Statement

Financial statement provides key business parties with useful information. Sit back and relax, with our financial reviewer specialist we will check the accuracy of your financial statements and bookkeeping.

Audit &

Our Audit & Assurance are exclusively performed by KAP Airin Titus. KAP Airin Titus offers independent financial statement and internal control audit services with a focus on quality. KAP Airin Titus has a strong technical knowledge and extensive experience to assure your alignment with appropriate standards.


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